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Winterizing the Sprinklers

This weekend I did some poking around and figured out how to get our in-ground sprinkler system ready for the winter. I’m recording the steps here so I can have instructions on hand next year… 1. Turn of all of the irrigation valves, located in the grass next to the sprinkler heads. 2. Shut off […]

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Furnace Update

It turns out that or furnace wasn’t broken after all. The technician had simply put it back together wrong! After spending a night warming ourselves with space heaters, the issue was finally resolved. It’s still looking like a good idea to start tucking away a few dollars each month in a “new furnace fund,” but […]

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Day One

Last night we moved into our new house! We had a small army of friends help with the heavy lhiifting, and the whole process only took about two and a half hours. That’s not the end of the journey, though. This morning we woke up to piles upon piles of boxes. It took a lot […]

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